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We are sending you this newsletter because you are a UIS online student or alumni. Every student belongs to many different affinity groups, such as a certain major or year of graduation. UIS Online is one such affinity group, and we thought you might enjoy news that relates to this group. Enjoy!

In This Issue--Spring 2016
  • A Buddy's Lessons Inspire a New Career for Mike Baracani
  • How Tragedy Focused LaNita Cox's Plans for the Future
  • A Road Less Traveled Rewards Beverly Shannon with a Remarkable Life
  • A Day in the Life of Online Coordinator Melissa Breyer
  • News You Can Use: There's Still Time to Apply for UIS Scholarships
  • From the UIS Newsroom: Items of Interest to Online Students and Alumni
A buddy's lessons inspire a new career for Mike Baracani
Navy emblem

When Mike Baracani graduated from high school, he joined the Navy where he served on a submarine. A navy buddy's lessons about finances inspired Mike's plans for the future. Read more of Mike's story...

How tragedy focused LaNita Cox's plans for the future
LaNita Cox

LaNita Cox has a passion for helping others, a passion born not from joyful exploration or a compelling hobby, but born of grief and sustained by additional tragedy. Read more of LaNita Cox's story...

A road less traveled rewards Beverly Shannon with a remarkable life
Beverly Shannon

When Beverly Shannon graduated from high school, she chose a career in dancing. This less-traveled path has made a big difference in her life. Read more about Beverly Shannon's remarkable life...

A day in the life of online coordinator Melissa Breyer
Melissa Breyer

Growing up, Melissa Breyer spent some time banding birds. Those early experiences led to a career in environmental science. Read more about Melissa' background and a typical day for her as online coordinator...

News You Can Use: There's still time to apply for a UIS Scholarship!
Tip 1--Apply

Within the next few months, UIS will award students more than 150 scholarships worth over $350,000. There's still time for you to apply. Learn more about UIS scholarships and read tips about applying...

From the UIS Newsroom
UIS newsroom

Items of interest to online students and alumni from UIS. Check out this list of news...

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