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We are sending you this newsletter because you are a UIS online student or alum. Every student belongs to many different affinity groups, such as a certain major or year of graduation. UIS Online is one such affinity group, and we thought you might enjoy news that relates to this group. Enjoy!

In This Issue--Spring 2015
  • Meet Your Fellow Students
  • A Day in the Life of Online Coordinator Rebekah Grosboll
  • News You Can Use: STARS
  • Two posts chosen for you by Ray Schroeder
  • We'd love to hear from you!
Meet Your Fellow Students: Carolyn Baker-Nair and Aileen Young
Carolyn Baker-Nair

We feature two students who have done UIS Online overseas: Carolyn Baker-Nair was in China (now in Albuquerque) and Aileen Young is still in Antofagasta, Chile.

A Day in the Life of Online Coordinator Rebekah Grosboll
Rebekah Grosboll

Rebekah Grosboll coordinates online programs for Legal Studies and Political Science. She shares a typcial day with you. Read more...

News You Can Use: STARS--It's Your Symposium as Well
Michele Gribbins

At the Student Technology, Arts & Research Symposium (STARS), UIS students present their research, exhibit art, perform music, and read their submissions to UIS literary journal The Alchemist. You can too, according to Michele Gribbins, Online Learning and Faculty Development Specialist. Read more...

Two Online Students Who Presented at 2014 STARS
Sherri Martin and Sabrina Miller

Two students, Sherri Martin and Sabrina Miller, share their insights and enthusiasm after participating as presenters in the 2014 UIS Student Technology, Arts & Research Symposium.

Two posts chosen for you by Ray Schroeder
Ray Schroeder

Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning at UIS, has chosen two articles from his blogs that he thought would be of interest to you. Read more...

We'd love to hear from you!

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