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A Special Commencement Celebration for Online Graduates and Guests
UIS Online Brunch

On Saturday, May 12, more than 250 guests, including 70 online graduates, gathered for a brunch in the Sangamon Auditorium lobby. We have gathered for you quotes from the speakers, a gallery of pictures and a wonderful video (below) of Fereshteh Morgan, the first-ever student/graduate speaker at the brunch.

Fereshteh Morgan
Meet Online Coordinator June Agamah
 June Agamah

June Agamah is the online coordinator for the Public Health Program at UIS. She loves encouraging students to press on and dream big and tells students who are struggling,  "'Hey, look! It worked for me.'" Read more about June including some amazing volunteer work she and her husband do in Ghana.



Featured Alumni and Students
Denise Coogan 

Denise Coogan is the Environmental Partnerships Manager with Subaru of America, Inc. She works with national parks in becoming zero landfill. Denise Coogan graduated in May 2012 with a Master's degree in Environmental Studies. Read more.

 Gene Murray

Gene Murray (pictured at right with his wife, Angie) graduated from UIS in May 2018 with a B.S. in Computer Science. Currently he is a cloud engineer for GTRI’s (now Zivaro’s) U.S. Government client assets. Read more of Gene's story.

Alex Klimkewicz 

Alex Klimkewicz is completing a secondary teacher certificate at UIS after ten years teaching in Korea ("a pure 'trial-by-fire' experience"). "I don't think that there are too many freshly certified teachers," he says, "who have the better part of a decade in education under their belt." Read more about Alex.

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